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Training Courses

People Leadership and Management Training
Supervisor Training
Change Leadership
Business Communication
Introduction to Lean Six Sigma
Professional Business Etiquette
Innovation and Creative Thinking
Woman in Leadership programme
Minute Taking and Business Report Writing
Talent Development programme
Finance for Non-Financial Managers
Personal Finance Management programme
Computer Literacy programme
Stress Management
Time Management and Introduction to Lean
Business Coaching

Convey Dangerous Goods by Road
Handling of Dangerous Goods
Driver Fatigue Management
AARTO Training
First Aid
Fire Fighting
Health and Safety
Forklift Training
Defensive Driving
Fire Warden
Spill Kit Training
Working at heights

Young Leaders – Leadership programme
High Performance coaching
Time Management
Team Building

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The Liderazgo Difference

As innovators in corporate training and organisational effectiveness we provide leading edge solutions and skill sets for creating lasting, sustainable behaviour change.

Voice of the Customer – V.O.C

We believe that every interaction is an opportunity for feedback and we are focused on growing with our customers and becoming their training provider of choice. In order to achieve this, detailed confidential delegate feedback is provided after each training session. This feedback is regularly reviewed ensuring our people are constantly reminded that world class customer service, diligence and successful delivery is paramount.

Voice of the Customer - An opportunity for Continuous Improvement (KAIZEN)

This feedback allows us and our clients to be informed on how we are doing. Our clients will therefore not only be informed but also understand the impact the training has had on the learners. This feedback allows us to ensure we deliver the best in class quality and delivery of service.

Our Culture of continuous improvement means that we are constantly striving for perfection in all that we do, the way we interact with our clients, our learners and everyone we engage with.

  "We keep you the customer at the heart of everything we do"

Community of Practice (C.O.P) post course support

We at Liderazgo are passionate about Communities of Practice, as they allow newly acquired knowledge to be transferred and applied successfully back in the workplace.

Through C.O.P;

  • People share knowledge and experiences in a collective, safe environment i.e.”Has anyone dealt with a customer in this situation?”
  • They discuss new initiatives i.e. “What do you think of....... ?”
  • C.O.P aids the transfer of skills back into the workplace.

  "If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got"

Why C.O.P?

Our training interventions have included this model for the last ten years with staggering results.

Engagement is key (support for each other). C.O.P builds solid relationships which enable people to continue learning from each other long after the classroom
Rather than focusing on information systems, C.O.P. focuses on PEOPLE and the social structures that enable them to learn with and from each other at all levels of the organisation. After each training intervention, Liderazgo will assist in the formation and facilitation of C.O.P.

  "C.O.P's are formed by people who engage in a process of collective learning,
who share a passion for something they do and learn how to do better"

Post Course Report

Liderazgo will for all training interventions compile a group post course report covering the facilitator’s observations and feedback. The report will include how the learner received the training, motivation and team dynamics. Recommendations will be made which could assist the organisation and learners achieve their goals following the training course, assisting with positive and sustainable change back in the workplace.

Training Approach

Our courses have been developed by highly skilled and highly regarded professionals with both South African and International experience, all our learning interventions are built around leading edge methodologies aimed at translating skills and knowledge into deliverables within the workplace. This is achieved through the application of a highly interactive learning process, comprising of theoretical components, role-playing, group discussions and practical exercises.

We create a safe learning environment, one where learners can get the best out of the sessions.

Learners are kept focused and knowledge gained is continually reinforced, ensuring our methodologies are fully understood, for example:

  • Externalising past experiences and using these positively moving forward
  • Self mastery
  • Visualisation exercises
  • Exploring value based system

Our training sessions are interactive with –

  • Role plays
  • Break away sessions – knowledge sharing
  • Case studies
  • Discussion and group feedback
  • Business exercises

The above all plays an integral part of the learning process, we also introduce a flavour of LEAN and explore Team Dynamics using Karl Jung insight profiling.

  "Pure types do not exist, no-one has one preference and nothing else,
we are all one amalgam" ~ Jung

To find out more, please contact us today.