Spill Kit Workshop

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All training programs are Outcome Based and are assessed according to various Unit Standards and Outcomes.

Assessment criteria consists of a Formative Assessment, In-Class Assessments and Summative Assessment.

Course Duration

Duration: ½ - day course (Refresher Training)
Theory and in-class Assessments
Final Assessment

Course Overview

The main objective is to arm your team with a basic understanding on how to respond to an incident where a potentially dangerous or environmentally damaging spill has occurred, know the correct procedure and how to use a spill kit correctly and correct PPE as it is very important to prevent or minimize the level of exposure of the spill.

Provide up to date information & legislation on the dangers of why a spill kit is required and when it is necessary to use a spill kit.

Learning Outcomes

  • Introduction to a Spill
    • Afri Supply video demonstration
  • Identify the categories of hazardous materials, their signage and their hazards and effects
  • The nine classes of hazardous materials are identified, and example given in each hazard class.
  • The potential effects of each of the nine classes of material are described
  • Sources of identification of the classes of hazardous materials are described
  • Suspect or recognize the presence of hazardous materials
  • Protect self from hazardous materials and the effects thereof
  • Direct potential personal danger is identified
  • Appropriate action is taken to secure personal safety
  • Movement at the scene is controlled
  • Appropriate life-safety measures are affected
  • Call for the appropriate assistance
  • Initiate appropriate communications/ support response
  • Appropriate assistance is called for
  • Incident Management Procedure is initiated

Competency Scores

  • All learners are to achieve 80% and above for Theoretical Assessments

Training Aids

  • Slide Show Presentation
  • Spill Kit Contents demonstration

All our Learners are provided with a Spill Kit Training Manual and a Certificate on completion of the course

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