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This course is accredited with the Services SETA and covers unit standard “115407” at level 5 worth 10 credits.
Duration: 2 day course

Course Outline

Change is constant, something we need to live with and embrace. We need to understand the emotional response people have to change and lead people through change effectively so that sustainability is achieved.

What is Change Leadership?

  • It showcases a way forward to ensure the engagement of people in the successful implementation of change
  • It provides a framework for change, which incorporates questions, tools and approaches to enable leaders across your business/organisation to lead change in a way that achieves sustainable results.
  • Change leadership is about using proven techniques, approaches and skills, combined with certain commitments, attitudes and behaviors, to lead and deliver sustainable change.

Benefits Of Adopting The Framework

  • Increased probability that projects / programmes will achieve original business case, objectives and target on schedule and budget.
  • A dynamic empowered environment created where job satisfaction is increased, reducing turnover and the loss of valued employees.
  • Clarifies readiness to move forward on critical business initiatives and leverage strong alignment across the organisation.
  • Better aligned vision, goals across supporting / interdependent business divisions with a common language for change.
  • People are more focused on achieving desired business results and feel empowered and motivated to do so.
  • Organisation structures and systems that support and re-inforce changes and the achievement of desired business results are more likely to be in place.

Change Framework

  • Compelling Reason For change –
    • Quantify the Change need
  • Clear Objective and Vision for Change –
    • Do you have a clear communication and engagement strategy for all affected by the change?
  • Wider Context For Change
    • Ensure awareness of wider activities, which may impact the planned outcomes of the change, ensuring it’s long term sustainability and success.
  • Embedding Change
    • To ensure that change delivers its true business value in the shortest possible time by becoming part of “the way we work”.
  • Great Sponsorship
    • The right sponsor plays a critical role in the success of all change initiatives.
  • Commitment To Change – Stakeholder Engagement
    • Key stakeholders need to be identified and their support secured through communication and engagement.
  • Alignment With Processes And Practices
    • Have you considered organisational structures, facilities, rewards and training to achieve sustainable results?
  • Momentum For Change
    • How will you ensure momentum will be maintained throughout the lifecycle of the change?
  • Emotional Response To Change
    • Being aware of the different responses to change enables transition stages to be led and managed more effectively.

Learning Outcomes

  • Communication for change
  • Dealing effectively with resistance
  • Plan and celebrate wins
  • Influencing - Stakeholder Engagement
  • Problem solving
  • Leadership insight Profiles
  • The leadership brand
  • Change kaleidoscope
  • Change history assessment
  • Stakeholder analysis and planning
  • Representational systems
  • VAK works and phrases
  • Elevator pitch
  • The 9 principles of the change framework
  • Natural process of change – change infinity curve
  • Walking the talk
  • Personal commitments
  • Why focus on leading change
  • Commitment or compliance

On Completion Of The Unit Standard, The Learner Will Be Able to...

  • Explain why change leadership / management is an important process for organisations to achieve sustainable trading results
  • Identify examples of planned change and reactive change in an organisation
  • Describe a model for effective change leadership / management
  • Identify the risks inherent of any change leadership / management programme and indicate ways to overcome them
  • Identify reasons for resistance to change and indicate ways to overcome them
  • Identify and apply the competencies of an effective change agent

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