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Youth require leadership skills to succeed in the world. Equipping young people with the skills and knowledge to lead helps form the basis of a prosperous life. Leadership is a tricky thing to teach. Some would argue that Leadership is an innate (born with it) quality that cannot be taught. On the other hand, Leadership is not really a quality in itself. It is a group of skills and behaviors, many of which can be taught. Activities that promote good communication, organisation, decision making and goal setting help to teach the components of Leadership. There are many ways to be a Leader and Leadership development is an important part of any classroom.

Courage is not the absence of fear but the triumph over it. Cut off your chains. Lead” Nelson Mandela

This is a highly interactive and fun session which students exploring 4 key areas.
They are:
Leadership – we covers self leadership and the leadership of others
Communication – how does one Communicate effectively? We explore tools and techniques for effective Communication
Change Leadership – We all know that this is one constant in our lives. How do we positively lead ourselves and others through Change?
Personal Values - Self Leadership, the foundation from which we live our lives from childhood to adulthood. Yet only 10% of all people attending our Learning interventions have explored their Values and are able to articulate what they are. We are passionate about this and aim to raise this percentage point significantly.

This training is for all students, not only those in a Leadership positions i.e. Prefect. We are all Leaders with the Leadership Journey starting with Self Leadership, a key message delivered during the training.

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