Incident And Accident Investigation Training

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All training programs are Outcome Based and are assessed according to various Unit Standards and Outcomes.

Incident and Accident Investigation Training is a unit standard aligned course. Assessment criteria consists of a Formative Assessment, In-Class Assessments and a Summative Assessment.

Course Duration

Duration: 1-day course

Day 1: Theory
08:00 am – 16:00 pm (x2 15-minute breaks included)
In-Class Assessments
Final Assessment

Course Overview

The purpose of this program is to teach the designated employee how to conduct a preliminary workplace Incident Investigation related to Health, Safety, and Environment Incidents.

On completion of this program the Employee will be capable of:

  • Describing requirements pertaining to conducting preliminary investigations and environment incidents
  • Selecting approaches to investigations which are appropriate for specified contents
  • Gathering data for preliminary investigations that is accurate
  • Recording and reporting data accurately and as specified

Learning Outcomes- Theoretical Content

  • Introduction to Incident Investigation
    • What is an Incident
    • What is Incident Investigation
  • Legal Requirements
    • Functions of the Health and Safety Representative
    • Investigations, Formal Inquiries and Joint Inquiries
    • Reporting of incidents and Occupational Diseases
    • Recording and Investigation of Incidents
  • How to approach an Incident
    • The Investigator Tool Kit
  • Who qualifies to carry out an Incident Investigation?
  • How to carry out an Incident Investigation
    • What Should Be Investigated
    • Investigation Format
    • Re- Enactments
  • The Written Report
    • Establishing Involvement
    • Report Format / Template
  • HIRA (Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment)
  • Accident Investigation Techniques
    • Root Cause Analysis
    • Frank Bird Accident Triangle
    • Fish Bone

Learning Outcomes- In Class Activities

  • Video Presentation and Discussion:
    • Video 1 – The Initial Response of an Incident Investigation
    • Video 2 – Gathering Evidence of an Incident Investigation
    • Video 3 – Analysis and Correction of an Incident Investigation

Competency Scores

  • All learners are to achieve 75% and above for Theoretical Assessments.

Training Aids

  • Slide Show Presentation
  • Video Presentation

All our Learners are provided with an Incident and Accident Investigation Training Manual, In-Class Workbook and a Certificate on completion of the course

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