E Learning Maintaining Occupational Health And Safety And General Housekeeping

E-Learning Maintaining Occupational Health & Safety & General Housekeeping

This course is E-Learning Accredited with the Transport Education Training Authority and covers unit standard “8016” NQF level 3, 8 Credits.

All training programs are Outcome Based and are assessed according to various Unit Standards and Outcomes.

Assessment criteria consists of a Formative Assessment (Knowledge Check), In-Class Assessments (Modules) and Summative Assessment (Final Assessment)

Duration: Delegates are given 48 hours to complete the training

Course Overview

A learner accredited with this unit standard will be able to demonstrate applied competence in occupational health, safety awareness of environmental issues and general housekeeping based on statutory and industry requirements.

Upon completion of the learning programme, learners will be able to use the correct protective clothing and equipment, implement and comply with relevant procedures and implement the selected mechanisms for the minimising of risks.

Learning Outcomes

  • Use the correct protective clothing and equipment
  • Implementing and complying with relevant procedures
  • Implementing selected mechanisms for the minimizing of risks
  • HIRA – Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment
  • Accident Investigation
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Safety Signs and Symbols
  • Health and Safety Committee
  • Housekeeping
  • Health and Safety Representative duties and Responsibilities
  • HIV/ Aids awareness

The learner can understand, explain and apply:

  • Legislation pertaining to general health, safety and environmental issues (e.g. OHS Act, NOSA) ISO 1400 local authority regulations and company policies and procedures.
  • Support systems and emergency services available.
  • The information sources available to maintain and improve awareness of the need for good housekeeping and health (e.g. AIDS Awareness) in the work place in line with statutory health and safety requirements.
  • Safety signs and symbols (national and, where applicable, international).
  • Safety, health and environmental awareness.
  • Potential safety, health and environmental hazards resulting from poor practices in housekeeping, hygiene and safety.
  • The complete range of assigned safety, health and environmental housekeeping duties for which the individual is accountable.
  • Hygiene issues in the workplace.

Competency Scores

  • All learners are to achieve 80% and above for In-Class Assessments (Modules) and Summative Assessment (Final Assessment)
  • Learners are given 3 chances to complete all In-Class Assessments (Modules) and the Summative Assessment (Final Assessment)

Training Aids

  • Slide Show presentation with voice over

All our Learners are provided with:

  • A Health and Safety Training Manual which can be downloaded and printed.
  • Certificate on completion of the course which is available immediately to download and print from the system.

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